GEOSS Components and Services Registry Feedback

There is a new version of the GEOSS CSR that will be announced in the next GEO Plenary. If you have any feedback please write it here.

  1. I entered a test record, SIF Test, but it did not appear when searching for it.
  2. When submitting a new or edited record, there was no option for having it approved. In the previous versions, this option was always there, so there could be a draft version of the record.
  3. For usability purposes, the buttons on top of the entry screens should either be activated to go to a specific screen when clicked, or made to not look like buttons.
  4. The Resource Interface URL field should be required under certain circumstances, such as when registering a catalog service, but it can't be since the resource type isn't chosen until the second input screen.
  5. Under Resource Sharing Properties, when the GEOSS Data-CORE option is checked, the user is supposed to see a popup box that explains what GEOSS Data-CORE is. This box should allow a user to agree or cancel thre option.
  6. Standards and Special Arrangements selection should be required under certain circumstances, such as when a catalog service or dataset resource category is chosen. We need to review the resource category options to determine when the standards are required.

-- JoanMaso - 06 Dec 2013
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