Participación en las GEO Tasks.

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Liders de task:

  • Julio González Breña AEMET (jgonzalezb at ID-05-C1
  • Antonio Arozarena IGN (aarozarena at IN-02-C2, SB-02-C1
  • Antonio Rodriguez IGN (afrodriguez at IN-03-C1, IN-05-C1, ID-01-C1
  • Emilio Garcia Ladona CSIC (emilio at IN-01-C2, IN-01-C3, IN-02-C1, IN-02-C2, IN-03-C1, ID-01-C1, ID-03-C1, ID-04-C2, SB-01-C1, SB-01-C2, DI-01-C1, WA-01-C1, WA-01-C3, BI-01-C1

Lista completa de colaboradores (y liders)

Task Component Member/PO/Other Role Name Email
DI-01-C1 CSIC Contributor A. Garcia Olivares
IN-02-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Abel Francisco Paz
IN-02-C2 CIEMAT Contributor Abel Francisco Paz
SB-01-C2 IEO Contributor Alicia Lavín
ID-05-C1 AEMET Lead Julio González Breña
ID-04-C2 CIEMAT Contributor Ana Prades
ID-03-C1 CREAF Contributor Anna Riverola
AG-01-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
CL-02-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
DI-01-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
DI-01-C2 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
EC-01-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
IN-01-C2 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
IN-01-C3 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
IN-02-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
IN-02-C2 IGN Lead Antonio Arozarena
IN-04-C2 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
SB-02-C1 IGN Lead Antonio Arozarena
SB-04-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Arozarena
ID-01-C1 IGN Lead Antonio Rodriguez
ID-01-C1 IGN Contributor Antonio Rodriguez
IN-03-C1 IGN Lead Antonio Rodriguez
IN-03-C2 IGN Contributor Antonio Rodriguez
IN-05-C1 IGN Lead Antonio Rodriguez
ID-03-C1 CSIC Contributor Antonio Turiel
IN-03-C1 CSIC Contributor Antonio Turiel
HE-01-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Begoña Artiñano
SB-04-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Begoña Artiñano
SB-01-C1 IEO Contributor Elena Tel
BI-01-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
DI-01-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
ID-01-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
ID-03-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
ID-04-C2 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-01-C2 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-01-C3 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-02-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-02-C2 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-03-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
SB-01-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
SB-01-C2 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
WA-01-C1 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
WA-01-C3 CSIC Lead Emilio Garcia Ladona
IN-02-C2 INTA Contributor Enrique Nicolás Gesé
SB-01-C2 CSIC Contributor Esther Garces
ID-03-C1 UAB Contributor Eva Sevillano
CL-02-C1 INIA Contributor Federico González-Alonso
WA-01-C1 AEMET Contributor Fernando Belda
WA-01-C2 AEMET Contributor Fernando Belda
WA-01-C5 AEMET Contributor Fernando Belda
HE-01-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Fernando Martin
SB-04-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Fernando Martin
ID-01-C1 CSIC Contributor Fernando Perez
IN-02-C1 CSIC Contributor Fernando Perez
IN-02-C2 CSIC Contributor Fernando Perez
SB-01-C1 CSIC Contributor Fernando Perez
WA-01-C1 CSIC Contributor Fernando Perez
EN-01-C1 IC3 Contributor Francisco Doblas-Reyes
SB-01-C3 IC3 Contributor Francisco Doblas-Reyes
CL-01-C3 MARM Contributor Francisco Pascual
CL-01-C4 MARM Contributor Francisco Pascual
CL-02-C1 MARM Contributor Francisco Pascual
ID-02-C1 MARM Contributor Francisco Pascual
BI-01-C1 CSIC Contributor J.M. Gasol
EN-01-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Jesus Polo
ID-04-C2 CSIC Contributor Joaquim Ballabrera
IN-01-C2 CSIC Contributor Marcos Portabella
HE-02-C2 CIEMAT Contributor María Martinez
ID-03-C1 CREAF Contributor Paula Diaz
IN-01-C3 CSIC Contributor Pedro Elosegui
WA-01-C3 CSIC Contributor Pedro Elosegui
AG-01-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Rocío Alonso
EC-01-C2 CIEMAT Contributor Rocío Alonso
IN-01-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Rocío Alonso
CL-02-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Rosa María Inclán
HE-02-C1 CIEMAT Contributor Thomas Schmid

Task CON participación española

Task Component Descripción
AG-01-C1 A Global Operational Monitoring System of Systems for Agricultural Production, Famine Early-warning, Food Security and Land-use Change
BI-01-C1 Global Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)
CL-01-C3 Weather, Climate and Earth-System Prediction Systems
CL-01-C4 Easy Access to, and Use of, Climate Information
CL-02-C1 Integrated Global Carbon Observation and Analysis System
DI-01-C1 Disaster Management Systems
DI-01-C2 Geohazards Monitoring, Alert, and Risk Assessment
EC-01-C1 Global Standardized Ecosystem Classification, Map and Inventory (incl. characterizations of ecosystems in protected areas)
EC-01-C2 Operational Monitoring of Key Ecosystems and Related Services
EN-01-C1 Tools and Information for the Resource Assessment, Monitoring and Forecasting of Energy Sources (including solar, wind, ocean, hydropower, and biomass) and Geological Resources (including mineral and fossil resources, raw material and groundwate
HE-01-C1 Air-borne Diseases, Air Quality and Aeroallergens
HE-02-C1 Global Mercury Observation System
HE-02-C2 Global Monitoring of Persistent Organic Pollutants, Emerging Contaminants and Global Change Indicators
ID-01-C1 Advancing GEOSS Data Sharing Principles
ID-02-C1 Institutional Development
ID-03-C1 Engaging the Science and Technology (S&T) Community in GEOSS Implementation
ID-04-C2 Outreach and Awareness Raising
ID-05-C1 Resource Mobilization for Capacity Building (individual, institutional and infrastructure)
IN-01-C1 Development, Maintenance and Coordination of Surface-based Observing Networks (in-situ and airborne)
IN-01-C2 Development and Coordination of Space-based Observing Systems
IN-01-C3 Promotion and Coordination across Surface-based and Space-based Observing Systems
IN-02-C1 Advances in Life-cycle Data Management
IN-02-C2 Development of Regional/Global Information and Cross-cutting Datasets (including socio-economic information)
IN-03-C1 Evolution and Enhancement of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI)
IN-03-C2 Operations and Maintenance of GCI Components
IN-05-C1 GEOSS Design and Interoperability
SB-01-C1 Global Ocean Information Coordination and Access
SB-01-C2 Operational Systems for Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems
SB-01-C3 A Global Operational Ocean Forecasting Network
SB-02-C1 Global Land-cover and Land-cover Change
SB-04-C1 Global Urban Observation and Information
WA-01-C1 Integrated Water-cycle Products and Services
WA-01-C2 Information Systems for Hydro-meteorological Extremes (incl. Floods and Droughts)
WA-01-C3 Information Service for Cold Regions
WA-01-C5 Information System Development and Capacity Building

Tasks SIN participación española

Task Component Descripción
CL-01-C1 Extension and Improvement of the Climate Record
CL-01-C2 Accelerated Implementation of the Global Climate Observing System
DI-01-C3 Regional End-to-End Systems
HE-01-C2 Water-borne Diseases, Water Quality and Risk
HE-01-C3 Vector-borne Diseases
HE-01-C4 A Holistic Approach to Health: Transmission Dynamics, Urban Health Forecasting, Linkages and New Technologies
ID-02-C2 Individual Development
ID-04-C1 GEOSS-Wide Activities for a User-Driven GEOSS
ID-04-C3 Global Environment Information Platforms
ID-05-C2 Resource Mobilization for Research and Development (R&D)
IN-01-C4 Radio-Frequency Protection
IN-04-C1 Worldwide Communication Network of Networks
SB-01-C4 Applications of Earth Observations and Information to Sustainable Fishery and Aquaculture Management
SB-02-C2 Global Land Cover Validation and User Engagement
SB-02-C3 Global Land Cover Methodology and Capacity Building/Outreach
SB-03-C1 ForestCarbon Tracking Activities for Observational and Methodological Guidelines
SB-03-C2 Definition, Implementation and Operations of the GlobalForestObservation Initiative (GFOI) in Support of National Forest Information Systems
SB-05-C1 Tools and Information for Impact Assessment and Energy Policy Planning
SB-05-C2 Impact Monitoring System for Geo-Resource Exploration and Exploitation
WA-01-C4 Global Water Quality Products and Services
WE-01-C1 Global Multi-Model Prediction System for High-Impact Weather
WE-01-C2 Easy Access to, and Use of, High-impact Weather Information

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